11 Brilliant Gifts Everyone Is Going to Want

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In an age where pretty much anything someone could want is just a couple of mouse clicks away, it’s the rare object of desire that makes you work for it. Here are 11 gifts that you’d better buy while you can, as they’re guaranteed to be some of the year’s hardest-to-find items.

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In what feels like a flashback to the mid-1980s, Nintendo’s newest device is a miniaturized version of the original NES, and comes pre-loaded with 30 of your favorite old-school games—Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros., and Punch-Out!! among them. The original controllers, complete with super-short cords that force the player to sit directly in front of the television, are there, too. Another blast from the past: Demand currently far exceeds supply.

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If it seems as if each holiday season brings a new and improved version of Apple’s iPhone, well, that’s because it almost always does. This year, it’s the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus. While they may not look much different from their predecessor at first glance, the upgrades are pretty monumental: The phone itself is both dust- and water-resistant, the camera is much improved—and there are two of them. There are also two speaker grills on the bottom of the phone.

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3. PEBBLE 2; $131


Given the sheer enormity of choices alone, deciding which smartwatch would best suit the step-counting loved one in your life can be a daunting task. The Pebble 2 makes that decision a no-brainer. Unlike the tech giants who seem to be in constant competition to see who can cram the most new features into a tiny device, Pebble’s approach is much more straightforward, with a user-friendly design and, in the case of its updated version, a state-of-the-art heart monitor that allows you to track your heart rate throughout the day. Offering the functionality of the best smartwatches and fitness trackers, this device is more like a two-in-one.

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4. GOOGLE HOME; $129


We all love music. But not all of us enjoy the process of getting up and playing DJ when we just want to sit on the couch and shout out our musical requests. This is where Google Home comes in. Like the Amazon Echo, this voice-activated, know-it-all smart speaker is often used for playing music on cue ("OK Google, play 'Ice Ice Baby'"), but its functionality goes far beyond that. Much like Siri, you can use it to issue a whole lot of commands; because the product can be synched with a variety of other services, including YouTube Music, Pandora, and Google Chromecast, you can also make it play your favorite movie on your TV (on a loop if you’d like) and even tap into most smart home technologies—because that thermostat isn’t going to set itself.

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Toys “R” Us

Whether you know it or not, the favorite kid in your life wants a Hatchimal. Having already been deemed the hottest toy of the 2016 holiday season, there’s a lot of fervor surrounding getting your hands on one—and it’s easy to see why. While the end result is a cute little interactive toy that looks a bit like a penguin, actually getting to see the creature is the payoff: The toy begins its life as an egg that, with encouragement and nurturing from its owner, will hatch. And then will begin to do engage in all sorts of adorable, and increasingly sophisticated behaviors, which replicate the development process. The trick, of course, is finding one.

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Over the years, Converse’s Chuck Taylor All Stars have found themselves in an array of places, from the professional basketball courts of yesteryear to that organic coffee bar down the street. One area you wanted to be careful with them though: near water… until now. The classic sneaker company’s latest kicks—which feature a mesh-backed upper liner, rubber outsoles to help with traction, and a bit of Neoprene on the inside for both warmth and comfort—are truly an all-weather shoe.

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Best Buy

Google’s entrée into the cell phone world couldn’t have come at a better time. For gadget lovers who want to try something other than an iPhone, the Google Pixel offers many similar features, but with the power of Google (and all your info that’s linked to it) at the touch of a button.

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For karaoke enthusiasts who would like to be both heard and seen, the Selfie Mic puts music video stardom just an arm’s length away. All the lucky recipient needs to do is attach his or her camera-ready cell phone to the adjustable selfie stick, grab the microphone, stick in the earpiece, synch the toy up to free app, choose from one (or 100) of the thousands of songs in the catalog, and stat crooning. The app comes equipped with a number of unique filters and effects, so that you can customize the video to the song. Eat your heart out, Taylor Swift.

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9. ANKI COZMO; $180


Kids don’t need to have watched The Jetsons to know that personal robots are pretty cool. And in the case of Cozmo, really cool. Like something out of a movie or TV series, the toy gets smarter—and more human-like—the more its owner chills out with it. He’s also designed to act emotionally, which means he can get a little cranky if forgotten about. Consider yourself warned.

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While Nintendo is going the retro route with its newest console, Sony is hurtling headfirst into the future with its contribution to the growing marketplace for virtual reality devices. For gamers who’ve long wanted to step through the screen that stands between them and their favorite video games, here’s that chance. As long as you don't mind wearing that VR headset, of course.

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Wayback in the wayback, kids could entertain themselves for hours by simply pulling a wooden caterpillar along by a string. These days, a similar-looking caterpillar can offer your favorite kids a much more impressive skill set: computer programming. Using colors, sounds, and symbols, the interactive toy encourages little kids to think in big ideas.

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