Rise From the Ashes of Your Hangover With Phoenix Tears

Firebox / Firebox
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Novelty gift store Firebox has been busy this year: After creating a 7-foot unicorn, they've somehow managed to catch a phoenix, and they've been carefully bottling its tears (which have likely been flowing since its inhumane capture). If you can get past the unjust treatment of mythical creatures, you can snag yourself a bottle of the shimmery concoction, which is said to be an alcoholic manifestation of the fictional bird's legendary powers.

Phoenix tears, which is actually a magical spin on spiced rum, come in half liter bottles. When you pour yourself a drink, the booze swirls and glitters like the embers in your glass; give the bottle a good shake and the sparkles will fall like a fiery snow globe. The rum is made with brown sugar and dried fruit, with notes of cinnamon and ginger. 

The stiff drink has a 40 percent ABV, so after a few glasses, you're sure to be reborn a brassier and more confident person. (Just be careful to not completely burn out.)

This glimmery drink is only available in the United Kingdom for now, so Americans will just have to make do with some unicorn tears in the meantime.