Write a Poo Haiku for World Toilet Day

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In honor of this weekend’s World Toilet Day, it’s time to embrace your inner poet. The awareness-raising holiday for sanitation issues—one of the leading causes of child death worldwide—takes place on November 19. This year, DefeatDD, an initiative combating diarrheal diseases from the global health nonprofit PATH, has launched the third edition of its “Doo a Poo Haiku” awareness campaign, NPR reports.

The contest part of the campaign is already over, sadly, but DefeatDD wants to keep the poo-etic musings flowing and is encouraging people to keep submitting their haikus on Twitter with the hashtag #poohaiku.

Some of the current submissions include gems like these:

When you have to go,
It’s quite important to know,
You won’t be in woe.

oh crap butt’s hurting
i guess i should watch my hands
damn you e.coli

Poo here and there
Makes for illness everywhere
Poo belongs in the loo

And yes, there is the occasional video:

Check out some of the other submissions by searching the hashtag #poohaiku.

[h/t NPR]