The Most Frequently Used Word on Each Country's Wikipedia Page

By Alvin WardAmiantedeluxe

Amiantedeluxe // Click to enlarge

When thinking of certain countries, what word comes to mind? If you think of "war" when thinking about the United States, you might have just read the country's Wikipedia page. This map shows the most recurrent words found on each country's English Wikipedia page.

Reddit user Amiantedeluxe looked at each country's Wikipedia entry and used a word frequency counter to figure out which words were used the most. To keep it interesting, prepositions and words connected to the country's name were not included in the counting. It's also worth noting that words like "island" and "islands" are counted as different words.

Not all the results were as poignant as the United States. Many of the countries had obvious answers like "national" and "Africa."

[h/t Vox]

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