Cook Your Way Through the Land of Ooo With the Adventure Time Cookbook

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Anyone who has ever seen Cartoon Network's surreal hit show Adventure Time knows that the Land of Ooo is a pretty delicious place. From bacon pancakes to candy townspeople, the show is a smorgasbord for the eyes. Now fans can get a taste of what they've been watching on television with Adventure Time: The Official Cookbook.

According to the product description, the book was discovered by Finn in the Founders' Island Library. The old cookbook was filled with strange recipes for things like "lasagna" and "boiled eggs." Many of the pages were lost, so Finn, along with Jake, Marceline, Princess Bubblegum, and the other citizens of Ooo, came together to create an extensive collection of fun recipes.

Whimsical cooks can make things like Prince Gumball's pink and fluffy cream puffs, Jake's everything burrito, and whatever apple-related baked good Tree Trunks has for us. The 112-page book has over 45 recipes, which are all separated by meal or course. The cookbook is available for presale on Amazon for $30 and will ship November 29. Now every meal can feel like it's been prepared the best chefs in the Candy Kingdom.