Musical World Map Showcases Songs About Every Country

Shaunacy Ferro

California seems to hold a particular fascination in songwriters’ hearts—the state and its cities are name-dropped in an incredibly diverse range of songs from across the decades, like “California Dreamin'," “Californication,” “California Girls” (and Katy Perry’s nod, “California Gurls"), and “L.A. Woman,” to name just a few. But there are plenty of other geographical locations that have made it onto the musical map, too.

Luckily, as WIRED reports, the UK-based designers at Dorothy have created a map to remind you of those oft-forgotten world jams, be it “24 Hours From Tulsa,” “Back in the USSR,” or “Goodnight Saigon.”

The poster (priced at about $31 plus shipping) assigns at least a few songs to every country, spreading more that 1000 songs across the globe. An index at the bottom lists every song featured with the corresponding artist.

Not all of the selections are songs that directly reference the region in question, though. Some are cheeky references to a region’s reputation, history, or politics. “American Idiot” goes to Florida and “Welcome to the Jungle” to Brazil, while “Another Brick in the Wall” travels to China. (You can zoom in on the full version here to see them all).

[h/t WIRED]

All images courtesy Dorothy.