Construct Adorable Cardboard Habitats for Your Cat With This Book

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Felines are a finicky bunch. Their taste in food, toys, and beds can be infuriatingly nonsensical, and they're known to ignore elaborate (and expensive) cat hotels in favor of a shoebox that's half their size. Still, you don't have to settle for a home that's littered with empty, brown boxes just to keep your kitty happy. Cat Castles: 20 Cardboard Habitats You Can Build Yourself offers a compromise for cats and their owners alike: The cats get cardboard boxes and their owners get to decorate them. 

Artist Carin Oliver provides step-by-step instructions for crafting intricate pet homes, all out of cardboard. The 96-page book has 20 different DIY habitats to choose from, including an airplane, submarine, and fancy sofa. There's even instructions for creating a hanging scratch pad for restless claws. Each tutorial details different materials and tools needed for the project. The resulting cardboard palaces have a range of shapes and sizes to please cats of all types of sensibilities, whether they like to hide, perch, or spy.

Handy cat owners can give the projects a try by pre-ordering the book on Amazon. The important manual will be mailed December 6, just in time for the holidays.