Avoid the Dark Side With This Death Star Desk Lamp

Rebecca OConnell
ThinkGeek / ThinkGeek
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There are plenty of interesting lamps to illuminate your workspace—but why not opt for one that will inspire you to obliterate your work? This new Death Star lamp from ThinkGeek has arrived just in time for the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The officially licensed gadget uses the ominous space station's shape for the base, with a blueprint-style pattern for the shade design.

With a push of the superlaser, users can turn on the top of the lamp; with a second push, they can make the base glow; a third push turns off the top light and leaves the base illuminated. All the lights are long-lasting LEDs, which cannot be replaced by the customer. That said, the LED lights are meant to last 60,000 hours—roughly seven years of continual operation. You can get your own for $50 here.

[h/t io9]