This Fuzzy Pink Llama Is Here to Help You Dust Your Home

Rebecca OConnell
Firebox / Firebox
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Snow White and Cinderella don't get to have all the fun: Now you too can call on a furry animal to help you tackle your chores. While this hot pink llama from Firebox might look like a toy at first glance, once you straighten it out, it becomes an adorable feather duster. 

The 10-inch-tall llama helps extend your arm so you can even get those tough-to-reach places. When you're done dusting the ceiling fan and behind those picture frames, you can bend your cleaning companion back into shape and place him on the shelf; the tool doubles as a cuddly figurine until the next time you need to tidy up.

You can pre-order this friendly cleaning companion for $17 and expect it to ship by November 30.