The LEGO Addams Family Mansion Could Become a Reality

Hugh Scandrett/LEGO Ideas
Hugh Scandrett/LEGO Ideas / Hugh Scandrett/LEGO Ideas

Most of us can’t afford a real-life replica of the Addams Family's house, so a creative LEGO hobbyist named Hugh Scandrett did the next best thing and built a small-scale, plastic toy model of it himself. Now, the tiny, Gothic-style mansion is under consideration by The LEGO Group to become a commercially sold set.

Scandrett, 59, modeled his original Addams Family-inspired design off the mansion from the TV show that originally ran on ABC in the mid-1960s. He didn't use instructions or an existing template for the three-story structure, which is made from 7200 individual LEGO pieces. Each floor is a removable segment, and the house separates into two halves through the center. It also includes a full glass greenhouse; tiny figures of Morticia, Gomez, and the rest of the Addams gang; and furnishings including a stuffed polar bear and a suit of armor.

After completing the mansion, Scandrett submitted photos and a written project description to the LEGO Ideas website, where users can share their ideas for potential designs. Once 10,000 different fans support a design, it becomes eligible for review to become a licensed LEGO product. Scandrett's Addams Family LEGO home recently reached this coveted number—and if it passes final muster with toy company execs, you could soon see it gracing toy store shelves near you.

Take a video tour of the mansion below, courtesy of Dread Central.