The work of Wes Anderson isn’t hard to identify if you know what to look for: He has a soft spot for smooth tracking shots, festive color palettes, and quality hats. All of this is on display in the short film "Come Together," a new holiday commercial from H&M directed by the iconic filmmaker.

The piece stars one of Anderson’s go-to actors, Adrien Brody. Here the star of Darjeeling Limited (2007) finds himself on a train once more, this time as the conductor. After announcing to passengers on the "H&M Lines Winter Express" that train delays will interfere with their holiday plans, he invites everyone for hot cocoa in the cafe car. The scene ends with the train’s unaccompanied minor walking into a makeshift winter wonderland as John Lennon’s “Happy Xmas” plays in the background.

Commercials may seem like a departure for the accomplished auteur, but the H&M project is hardly his first: He’s also directed ads for Hyundai, IKEA, and American Express.