9 Stuffed Toys for the Geek in Your Life


As the temps continue to drop, your loved ones will probably start reaching for something to snuggle up with. Why should they settle for a plain old teddy bear when there are stuffed dragons and giant isopods? Here are some untraditional plush to give to your geekier friends and family members.

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1. DIRE WOLF; $20

Game of Thrones Dire Wolf Plush

This Game of Thrones-inspired plush toy resembles Jon Snow's fearsome companion, Ghost. While the dire wolves in the award-winning HBO series don't look very welcoming, this 10-inch tall stuffed animal version is decidedly a lot more huggable. 

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2. MICROBES; $10-$14

Germaphobes, take note: When you enlarge microbes, they look a lot more appealing. The otherwise invisible organisms were scaled up over 1,000,000 times, in order to create these 18- to 24-inch wide toys. Choose from infectious diseases, a strand of DNA, a neuron, and more.

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3. ORGANS; $22

The extensive catalog of unconventional plush toys from I Heart Guts includes the heart, uterus, colon, gallbladder, and other smiling organs. Unlike real organs, these plush figurines are stored in biodegradable plastic sleeves.

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Adult Swim-favorite Rick And Morty is back, so what better time to snag a couple of plush toys that look like the titular characters of the cartoon? Now, your friend or family member can watch the new episodes with Rick and Morty sitting on either side. The toys, which are sold individually, are made with velboa fabric and are officially licensed.

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5. R2-D2; $10

Everyone needs a helpful droid to get through the holidays, whether it's for patching up the ship or creating a distraction when hiding Brussels sprouts under the mashed potatoes. A part of Hallmark's "Itty Bitty" collection, R2-D2 is just over 4 inches tall—and a good fit for a stocking. The collection also includes miniature versions of Yoda, Captain Phasma, Chewbacca, BB-8, and more.

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If you know someone who delights in all things gory and macabre, they'll probably enjoy this 10-inch replica of a chestbuster from the Aliens franchise. With a torn up shirt and some fabric dye, it'll be easy to recreate the movie scene right on Christmas morning. (Grandma will love it!)

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7. BLOBFISH; $26

Is there any creature in the ocean more fantastically ugly than the blobfish? This stunning fish sports a droopy nose, beady eyes, and a permanently scowling mug—and was named the "World's Ugliest Animal" by the Ugly Animal Preservation Society in 2013. Now, your loved one can cuddle with a 9.5-inch stuffed animal version of the unfortunate-looking fish.

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Know someone who is enamored by the isopod, an armored crustacean that can grow up to 2.5 feet long and survive for up to five years without eating? Indulge their fascination with one of these plush toys.

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9. FINN; $17

The cartoon Adventure Time is coming to a close in 2018, but that doesn't mean Finn and Jake don't have some more quests and journeys in the future. This polyester Finn is up for any new adventures your friend can think of. For added fun, have some of the other characters join in, like Jake, Beemo, and Princess Bubblegum.

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10 Lotions and Balms Perfect for Your Chapped Hands

These lotions and balms can help revitalize your dry, cracked hands.
These lotions and balms can help revitalize your dry, cracked hands.
Duke Cannon/Dr. PawPaw/Bliss/Amazon

Chapped, cracked hands are one of those little annoyances that can turn into a big headache after dealing with them for a few days, but after a long winter, and with all the hand-washing everyone is doing due to coronavirus concerns, it’s nearly unavoidable. To give your skin a sigh of relief, we’ve rounded up our favorite lotions, creams, and balms that will heal your raw palms and have your knuckles feeling soft and smooth in no time. Check them out below.



With all-natural ingredients that work for every skin type, this aloe vera body lotion is particularly useful for putting some life back into your hands. This lotion is fast-absorbing, quickly creating a barrier between your skin and the outside elements. And since it's not greasy, you won’t have to wait for your hands to dry (or wash them all over again) before you can get your day started.

Buy it: Amazon

2. Dr. PAWPAW MULTIPURPOSE BALM; $8-$20 (Sizes vary)

Dr. PawPaw hand cream.
Dr. PawPaw/Amazon

Your hands will feel like they’ve entered a tropical oasis after applying this soothing balm. Made from papaya (or pawpaw), a fruit that’s known for its natural healing properties, this balm also contains aloe vera and olive oil to give dry skin a natural glow. And it’s not just for helping your palms and knuckles—this balm can also be used on your lips, nails, and cuticles, and as a tool to tame flyaways or stray brows. It’s the multipurpose secret weapon that’s a must-have for any bathroom cabinet.

Buy it: Ulta, Amazon


Duke Cannon Bloody Knuckles balm.
Duke Cannon/Amazon

Even if you’re not throwing punches in the ring, you might feel like you’re in a boxing match with your raw and red hands. But Duke Cannon’s repair balm will reverse your skin damage and have you feeling like a champion once again. Best used for extensive chapping, this balm is unscented and completely free of fragrances, dyes, and other artificial ingredients.

Buy it: Amazon

4. 2-IN-1 BODY LOTION CANDLE; $29.00

Candle and skin lotion from UncommonGoods.

Not all lotions come in a tube. Try this amazing body lotion candle, which melts at a comfortable temperature so you can safely use the “wax” as a warm lotion on your skin. These 10-ounce candles are packed with coconut oil, botanical oils, and vitamins A, K, and E to instantly moisturize your hands. Scented with fresh figs, amber, and floral notes, this unique candle makes skincare feel like a spa experience.

Buy it: Uncommon Goods


L’occitane hand cream.

Applying this hand cream is like easing yourself into soft, cozy slippers after a long day. Made with 20-percent shea butter, honey, almond extracts, and coconut oil, it has a creamy feel that instantly protects and nourishes your skin as it repairs. It’s also rich in fatty acids, doing double duty to prevent wrinkles along with any cracking.

Buy it: Amazon


O’Keefe's Working Hands on Amazon.

With nearly 18,000 4.5-star reviews on Amazon, this concentrated hand cream is a true miracle that instantly repairs any cracks or dryness on your skin. And it also works to prevent future damage, creating a barrier that locks moisture in and keeps dryness out. Even if the most you’re doing with your hands involves a keyboard, O’Keefe’s will still work around the clock to keep them looking—and feeling—their best.

Buy it: Amazon


Palmer's Cocoa Oil on Amazon.

This affordable hand cream works for 24 hours, so it can go for as long as you do. Made from shea and cocoa butter, with a boost of hydrating vitamin E, Palmer’s uses natural, raw ingredients to create “glove-like” protection to keep your skin feeling soft all day long. And its coconut oil is fair-trade certified, so you can feel even better every time you use it.

Buy it: Amazon


J.R. Watkins hand lotion on Amazon.
J.R. Watkins/Amazon

Aloe isn’t just for sunburns; it’s great for use on cracked hands, too. That’s why this hand cream from J.R. Watkins, enhanced with the healing power of aloe and green tea, is your best friend when it comes to dry skin. J.R. Watkins uses plant-based ingredients from ethical sources, making it a great choice for anyone with sensitive skin. And its products are recyclable, allowing you to go green while restoring your skin at the same time.

Buy it: Amazon


Bliss hand lotion on Amazon.

PETA-certified and free of harsh chemicals, Bliss uses a special combination of natural plant-based emollients, humectants, and extracts for hydration that lasts all day. And its bright lemon and sage scent will make you feel more energized and refreshed—the perfect stand-in for a dehydrating cup of coffee.

Buy it: Amazon


Aquaphor hand ointment.

Aquaphor is an oldie but a goodie. A drug store favorite, this multipurpose ointment works to shield skin from the elements to restore it to its natural condition, and it can be used on everything from your hands to your lips to your feet. It can even help heal burns. Preservative- and fragrance-free, it’s the powerful little tube that will never let you down.

Buy it: Amazon

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These Scented Prank Candles Turn From Sweet Fruits to Sour Farts

The blissful peace of someone who has not yet sniffed a Prank Candles product.
The blissful peace of someone who has not yet sniffed a Prank Candles product.
RL Productions/iStock via Getty Images

When someone lights a scented candle—maybe before meditating, taking a bath, or enjoying a romantic dinner—the last thing they expect to smell is a fart. That's what makes this product from Prank Candles so brilliant. As the wax melts, the aroma transitions from sweet apple pie to noxious flatulence, fouling the smeller's mood and home air quality.

In terms of appearance, the gag gift resembles a normal candle in every way. The label calls to mind the warm scents of apple pie in autumn, and when the jar is first opened, it has the smell to match. But after about an hour or so—just as the victim has gotten used to the pleasant fragrance—it changes.

Apple pie fart-scented prank candle.
Turns out receiving this scented gift isn't so sweet.
Prank Candles

Prank Candles writes in the product description, "Often—our customers will report that their victims will initially thank them because it's 'the best candle they've ever burned.' Because of this, they're even less likely to blame the candle when they think, 'WTF is that smell?'"

In addition to the apple pie scent, the company sells nasty candles disguised as fresh roses, balsam and cedar, and vanilla. The apple pie and vanilla varieties are currently back-ordered, with shipping estimated for April 15. Whether you're already planning for April Fools' Day 2021 or the birthday of a frenemy, you can order yours today for $23.