9 Stuffed Toys for the Geek in Your Life


As the temps continue to drop, your loved ones will probably start reaching for something to snuggle up with. Why should they settle for a plain old teddy bear when there are stuffed dragons and giant isopods? Here are some untraditional plush to give to your geekier friends and family members.

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1. DIRE WOLF; $20


This Game of Thrones-inspired plush toy resembles Jon Snow's fearsome companion, Ghost. While the dire wolves in the award-winning HBO series don't look very welcoming, this 10-inch tall stuffed animal version is decidedly a lot more huggable. 

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2. MICROBES; $10-$14

Germaphobes, take note: When you enlarge microbes, they look a lot more appealing. The otherwise invisible organisms were scaled up over 1,000,000 times, in order to create these 18- to 24-inch wide toys. Choose from infectious diseases, a strand of DNA, a neuron, and more.

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3. ORGANS; $22

The extensive catalog of unconventional plush toys from I Heart Guts includes the heart, uterus, colon, gallbladder, and other smiling organs. Unlike real organs, these plush figurines are stored in biodegradable plastic sleeves.

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Adult Swim-favorite Rick And Morty is back, so what better time to snag a couple of plush toys that look like the titular characters of the cartoon? Now, your friend or family member can watch the new episodes with Rick and Morty sitting on either side. The toys, which are sold individually, are made with velboa fabric and are officially licensed.

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5. R2-D2; $10

Everyone needs a helpful droid to get through the holidays, whether it's for patching up the ship or creating a distraction when hiding Brussels sprouts under the mashed potatoes. A part of Hallmark's "Itty Bitty" collection, R2-D2 is just over 4 inches tall—and a good fit for a stocking. The collection also includes miniature versions of Yoda, Captain Phasma, Chewbacca, BB-8, and more.

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If you know someone who delights in all things gory and macabre, they'll probably enjoy this 10-inch replica of a chestbuster from the Aliens franchise. With a torn up shirt and some fabric dye, it'll be easy to recreate the movie scene right on Christmas morning. (Grandma will love it!)

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7. BLOBFISH; $26

Is there any creature in the ocean more fantastically ugly than the blobfish? This stunning fish sports a droopy nose, beady eyes, and a permanently scowling mug—and was named the "World's Ugliest Animal" by the Ugly Animal Preservation Society in 2013. Now, your loved one can cuddle with a 9.5-inch stuffed animal version of the unfortunate-looking fish.

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Know someone who is enamored by the isopod, an armored crustacean that can grow up to 2.5 feet long and survive for up to five years without eating? Indulge their fascination with one of these plush toys.

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9. FINN; $17

The cartoon Adventure Time is coming to a close in 2018, but that doesn't mean Finn and Jake don't have some more quests and journeys in the future. This polyester Finn is up for any new adventures your friend can think of. For added fun, have some of the other characters join in, like Jake, Beemo, and Princess Bubblegum.

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Looking to Downsize? You Can Buy a 5-Room DIY Cabin on Amazon for Less Than $33,000

Five rooms of one's own.
Five rooms of one's own.

If you’ve already mastered DIY houses for birds and dogs, maybe it’s time you built one for yourself.

As Simplemost reports, there are a number of house kits that you can order on Amazon, and the Allwood Avalon Cabin Kit is one of the quaintest—and, at $32,990, most affordable—options. The 540-square-foot structure has enough space for a kitchen, a bathroom, a bedroom, and a sitting room—and there’s an additional 218-square-foot loft with the potential to be the coziest reading nook of all time.

You can opt for three larger rooms if you're willing to skip the kitchen and bathroom.Allwood/Amazon

The construction process might not be a great idea for someone who’s never picked up a hammer, but you don’t need an architectural degree to tackle it. Step-by-step instructions and all materials are included, so it’s a little like a high-level IKEA project. According to the Amazon listing, it takes two adults about a week to complete. Since the Nordic wood walls are reinforced with steel rods, the house can withstand winds up to 120 mph, and you can pay an extra $1000 to upgrade from double-glass windows and doors to triple-glass for added fortification.

Sadly, the cool ceiling lamp is not included.Allwood/Amazon

Though everything you need for the shell of the house comes in the kit, you will need to purchase whatever goes inside it: toilet, shower, sink, stove, insulation, and all other furnishings. You can also customize the blueprint to fit your own plans for the space; maybe, for example, you’re going to use the house as a small event venue, and you’d rather have two or three large, airy rooms and no kitchen or bedroom.

Intrigued? Find out more here.

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Disney Is Releasing a New Line of Adaptive Halloween Costumes

Fans of The Incredibles series can transform a wheelchair into the Incredimobile.
Fans of The Incredibles series can transform a wheelchair into the Incredimobile.

While it may be difficult to conceive of what Halloween may look like this year, there’s a good chance your children will still want to celebrate by role-playing as their favorite fictional characters. For kids with disabilities, Disney is now offering a line of adaptive Halloween costumes that take their needs into consideration.

Fans of The Incredibles will enjoy this unisex adaptive costume from 2018's Incredibles 2 ($50) that can have them appear as either Dash or Violet. The costume has flaps in the front and back to make attending to medical needs easy. It’s available in kid's sizes ranging from small to extra-large.

The Incredibles 2 Adaptive Costume for Kids.Disney

The costume pairs well with the Incredimobile Wheelchair Cover Set ($50). The cover is made of a stiff felt with plastic piping for stability.

The Incredimobile Wheelchair Cover Set.Disney

This Cinderella adaptive costume ($50) has a flap opening in the front and back and an ankle-length skirt. It’s also available in kid's sizes ranging from small to extra-large.

The Cinderella Adaptive Costume for Kids.Disney

You can also incorporate this Cinderella’s Coach Wheelchair Cover Set ($50) to make a grand entrance.

The Cinderella's Coach Wheelchair Cover Set.Disney

Kids can go to infinity and beyond with this Buzz Lightyear adaptive costume ($50) from the Toy Story series. There’s plenty of leg room and flaps in the front and back. Kids can get it in sizes ranging from small to extra-large.

The Buzz Lightyear Adaptive Costume for Kids.Disney

You can find the costumes by following the links above or by checking out Disney's entire Halloween assortment at shopDisney.com.

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