5 Can't-Miss Movies Coming to Netflix in December

Marvel/Facebook / Marvel/Facebook

Every month, Netflix adds to its already expansive library with even more content to help you avoid outdoor activities for a little while longer. And the service's December additions should keep you busy until the spring thaw. While dozens of new movies will be added over the next 31 days, here are five can't-miss titles worthy of your binging time.

1. BARRY (2016)

Barry tells the story of a young Barack Obama (Devon Terrell) as he embarks upon his junior year at Columbia University in 1981. This Netflix original movie examines the future president as his views on race, class, and government begin to take shape both in the classroom and on the streets of New York City.


Captain America and Iron Man go head-to-head as the two Avengers battle over the responsibilities and morality of being a superhero. Featuring the Marvel debuts of Spider-Man and Black Panther, Civil War continues where 2015's Avengers: Age of Ultron left off, and sets the stage for the future of Marvel's cinematic universe.

3. BLUE JAY (2016)

Alexandre Lehmann's Blue Jay—which was written by and stars Mark Duplass—isn't just benefiting from being on Netflix; the movie was actually financed by the streaming giant without them even seeing a script. The romantic drama focuses on two former high school sweethearts (Duplass and Sarah Paulson) who reconnect later in life in their hometown and reminisce about their time together. Don't let the film's black and white throw you off; Blue Jay has already impressed critics and film festival junkies.


If you're craving something a little more low-brow, Animal House is a classic of the gross-out comedy genre. Focusing on the beer-chugging shenanigans of the Delta Tau Chi fraternity, this movie laid the groundwork for countless college comedies that followed, including American Pie (1999), Old School (2003), and Neighbors (2014).


For something a little more family-friendly, there's Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. This sci-fi comedy stars Rick Moranis as an inventor who accidentally shrinks his kids, who are then forced to survive in their backyard against mountainous ants and other dangers.