Fans of David Lynch’s cult-classic television show Twin Peaks are getting more than just an impending reboot. You can now buy LEGO minifigures that let you play out the creepy plot on your own, albeit not ones approved by the show itself.

The pop-culture collectibles—spotted by NMEcome from Citizen Brick, a maker of custom-printed LEGO pieces. Due to various copyright and trademark laws, it should be noted that these aren’t real LEGO products, they’re reused and repurposed LEGOs, and while it’s clear who the minifigs represent, the set is called “Double Mountain Murder Mystery Town.” But the name isn’t fooling anyone—that’s definitely Special Agent Dale Cooper wielding that coffee cup ready to be filled with hot “black as midnight on a moonless night” diner coffee.

You can buy them for $60 here. The packaging even features those trippy red curtains.

[h/t NME]