Humans in Costumes Use Wildlife Camera to Prank Kansas Police

Kirstin Fawcett
iStock / iStock

Earlier this week, pranksters in Gardner, Kansas, went a little wild. Police were notified of a potential mountain lion sighting in a local community park, so they set up two motion-activated trail cameras to monitor the area. Instead of filming the predator unawares, the Associated Press reports, they captured human hijinks: people dressed in strange costumes, lumbering in front of the camera.

Shot over the course of three nights, the footage revealed bizarre characters, including a gorilla; lions (who were wrestling, no less); a woman using a walker, holding a bow and arrow; monsters; and even Santa Claus.

"We definitely got some wild life," Lieutenant Lee Krout, of the Gardner Police Department, commented to KMBC News—just not the kind officials were expecting. “It was actually very humorous. I mean it was quite obvious that it was people playing a joke or just having fun."

No real mountain lions were actually spotted, although it could be argued that the costumed humans might have scared them away. And perhaps most importantly, no creepy clowns were sighted either (probably because creepy Santas are much more seasonally appropriate).

[h/t Associated Press]