Get Deliciously Crafty With a Cheese-Filled Hot Glue Gun

Michele Debczak

If you don’t already have a cheese advent calendar on display in your home, might we suggest another dairy-centric way to celebrate the season: Building a savory gingerbread house with a hot glue gun filled with cheese.

This BuzzFeed-licensed cheese extruder, dubbed the “Fondoodler,” is simple to use. Start by loading it up with your favorite cheese (meltable products like American, Jack, and cheddar are all great options), then give it time to heat up. Pull the trigger to begin sketching the cheesy goo on the canvas of your choice. Fondoodler provides some appealing suggestions like nachos and fancy crackers. It can even be used to write messages, build tortilla bowls, and construct edible abodes. When you're done, push the brush through the canister to ensure the tool is clean and ready to use at your next cheese party.

The first two batches of the product sold out quickly, but Fondoodler promises to have new orders shipped out by the first week in January at the latest. You can purchase a cheese gun of your own today for $25.

All images courtesy of Fondoodler.