Wheelchair Fashion Doll Launches on Kickstarter


In the mid-‘90s, Mattel attempted to represent the lives of kids with disabilities with the release of Share a Smile Becky, the first Barbie doll in a wheelchair. Becky's wheelchair may not have fit in the Barbie Dreamhouse, and her long hair was likely to get caught in the wheels, but still, it represented a slightly more inclusive world for the dolls and their owners. Unfortunately, the doll didn’t last long.

Nickolay Lamm, the creator behind dolls with realistic bodily proportions, some of which deal with periods, wants to bring wheelchairs back to the popular doll market. His latest Kickstarter is raising money for a toy wheelchair that will fit not just his own Lammily fashion dolls, but also Barbies and other similar-sized toys. Each one costs $18 on Kickstarter, with an estimated June 2017 delivery.

The 3D-printed, blue wheelchairs come with brightly patterned seats and have adjustable parts to customize the size to the specific doll and moveable foot rests. The chairs can fit Bratz dolls, Barbies, Monster High dolls, and more.

All images courtesy Nickolay Lamm