These Clever Jewels Help You Become a Walking Garden

UncommonGoods / UncommonGoods
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Even the biggest flora fans can't spend all day every day carrying around a vase full of freshly cut stems. Instead, they can wear jewelry that does the same thing.

These "Blossom Earrings," by California-based designer Karin X, add lively color to any outfit through a botanical contribution you make yourself. The earrings are made up of glass containers topped with tiny corks, which you can remove to add water and tiny plant clippings. Alternatively, you can fill the earrings with colored water and glitter to create miniature, wearable snow globes. Thanks to the simple pewter and glass design, you have free range to make them look however you'd like. 

In a similar vein, there is also a flower ring, by designer Dale Salvaggio Bradshaw. The silver-plated brass ring looks elegant enough on its own, but it also offers the opportunity to slip in a fresh or fake flower of your choice. Depending on the time of year, you can wear a variety of flowers that match your mood and the season. 

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