A Watch Strap That Clicks Together Like LEGOs

Shaunacy Ferro

A new kind of watch design doesn’t require any buckles. That’s because, with a little inspiration from LEGO, the design studio Layer created a band with lattices that lock together like the beloved brick toys, as Wired reports.

Available on Kickstarter from the Swiss watchmaker Noomoon, the LABB watch band has a tiny lattice pattern of holes that can click together anywhere along the strap, so you can adjust it easily to any size. It’s kind of like Velcro but made with silicone. One side of the band features diamond-shaped holes, and the other side has a raised texture that fits into those holes to lock the two sides together.

LABB, short for the Loopless And Buckleless Band, was designed specifically with an eye toward smartwatches, which users may want to take on and off more than standard watches.

Layer, based in London, previously created other user-friendly designs like a 3D-printed wheelchair that can be customized to each user’s body.

[h/t Wired]

All images courtesy Noomoon