Cinnamon and marshmallow are two of the holiday season’s favorite flavors—and now they’ve collided in one adorably baby chick-shaped package, thanks to the ever-inventive folks at Peeps.

The iconic candy company has just unleashed a bevy of new winter flavors, including an addictive new cinnamon roll-flavored marshmallow chick, which is dipped in a cinnamon icing-flavored fudge. The only catch? You’ll have to hit up Walgreens to get some, as they’re exclusive to the chain.


If you’re more of a Walmart shopper, they’ve got their own special Peeps varietal: Christmas cookie-flavored marshmallow chicks dipped in white fudge. Also new to the flavor lineup is a sugar plum chick dipped in white fudge, which is available nationwide.

The new additions join a growing list of wintry Peeps that already includes gingerbread, candy cane, chocolate mousse, and hot cocoa and cream—proving that Peeps aren’t just for Easter. They’re also not just for eating straight out of the box: the Peeps website offers a range of inventive uses for the candies, including a number of unique recipes. You’ve never had a monkey bread muffin until you’ve had it topped with a cinnamon roll Peep. Whether you prefer your Peeps soft or stale is a debate for another time.