This Origami-Inspired Measuring Spoon Folds to Four Different Sizes

Kirstin Fawcett
Polygons / Polygons

Origami isn’t just for artists anymore—it’s for chefs, too. If you’re looking to save kitchen space or simply streamline your culinary process, try cooking with quirky folding measuring spoons called Polygons.

At first glance, the flat, plastic apparatuses resemble rulers. But if you look closely, you’ll notice etched lines and numbers covering their surfaces. These marks tell you where to fold the level appliances, transforming them into measuring spoons of varying sizes.

Polygons spoons come in two different sizes—one that folds into tablespoons, another into teaspoons. Each includes four measurements that can hold wet or dry ingredients. After you measure out the ingredients and pour them into a mixing bowl, Polygons can collapse back into its original, unbent shape. (Bonus: This allows you to scrape any lingering ingredients off the “spoon,” into the bowl and clean it easily, or save space in a kitchen drawer.)

Polygons recently received full funding on Indiegogo, and the spoons are now available for preorder, with a projected March 2017 delivery date. Learn how the gadgets work in the video below.