Wisconsin Mall Features Santa Who Can Sign

Arika Okrent
iStock / iStock

Deaf kids who visit the Regency Mall in Racine, Wisconsin, this year will have a chance to tell Santa what they want directly. In an interview with local news station WQAD 8, Santa explained, “the children appreciate the idea that they can come and talk to me, talk to Santa without having to go through their parents or their siblings to interpret for them.”

The idea that Santa should be able to communicate with children who have different language needs is becoming more popular. Last year, a video of Santa signing with a little girl at a shopping center in Middlesbrough, England, went viral. That shopping center will once again feature “the world famous Signing Santa” this year.

Signing Santa doesn't just benefit kids who sign; he can help bring sign language to everyone. Tomorrow in Toronto, a Christmas market will be hosting not only a signing Santa, but a whole program of events related to sign language in cooperation with the Deaf Culture Center there. The program is open to all, and perfect for the spirit of the season.