Bring the Smell of KFC Home With This Fried Chicken-Scented Candle


If you’re feeling nostalgic for your favorite Disneyland ride, the smell of a good book, or a chocolate egg cream from Katz's, all you have to do is light the right candle and allow the scent to transport you away. The latest brand to hop on the unconventional scented candle bandwagon is KFC, Eater reports. The food chain's limited-edition candle is the perfect way to make a home smell like fried chicken on those nights when getting takeout feels like too much of an effort.

But you may want to hold off on making room in your candle collection for now: The product was made as part of the “KFC Advent Calendar” social media promotion from KFC New Zealand. Followers were asked to enter for a chance to win the candle by suggesting ideas for other KFC-branded merchandise in the comments. (Highlights included lip balm, deodorant, and hand soap “so you can wash away the chicken juices but your hands still smell amazing.”)

There’s still no word on whether KFC plans on making more candles to sell to consumers, but Colonel Sanders devotees have good reason to be hopeful. The chain has dabbled in selling scented products recently, debuting limited launches of both finger lickin’ nail polish and fried chicken-scented sunscreen in 2016. Of course, if you’re really craving a whiff of those 11 herbs and spices you can always pick up a bucket of chicken from your local KFC—and then you can actually eat it too.

[h/t Eater]

Header/banner images courtesy of KFC New Zealand.