This Mini Speaker May Be the World’s Most Compact Record Player

RokBlok / RokBlok

Vinyl isn’t the ideal medium for listening to music on the go. (Though that hasn’t stopped some people from trying). For the days when you can’t wait to get home to listen to your new purchase, the RokBlok offers a convenient solution: Just lay your record on a flat surface, place the mini speaker on top, and watch it “ride” around the album, broadcasting its musical contents with each rotation.

The new Kickstarter project claims to be “the world’s first infinitely portable, wireless record player.” At 4-by-2-by-2 inches, the block is small enough to slip inside a purse or even a roomy pocket. The pre-amp, speakers, and rechargeable battery are all contained within the wooden package, so all vinyl lovers need to start listening is a good album. If they want to pause the tunes for any reason, holding a hand above RokBlok stops it in its tracks.

RokBlok works with what it has, which means the sound quality may not be up to par with every music aficionado’s standards. Luckily it's Bluetooth-compatible so users can wirelessly connect it to their phones, headphones, or portable speakers for a bigger sound.

The player requires a flat, stable surface to function, so listening to your favorite vinyl on long car trips may still be a dream for now. Taking records into the park, however, is easier than ever. Just place the album cover on the ground and you'll have the makeshift tabletop you need for RokBlok to do its thing.

The product has already surpassed its funding goal of $50,000 with six weeks left to go in the campaign. You can reserve yours today for a pledge of $69 (30 percent less than the $99 retail price) with shipping set for September of next year.

All images courtesy of RokBlok.