Surround Yourself With 'Hatching' Egg Candles

Rebecca OConnell
Firebox / Firebox
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Real-world, 21st century people like us will (probably) never get to experience the joy of watching a dinosaur or dragon hatch from an egg. Luckily, Firebox has the next best thing: Egg-shaped candles that reveal baby dragons and dinosaurs as they melt. Now you can become a proud reptilian parent, without the hassle of becoming Khaleesi or running a futuristic dinosaur amusement park. In fact, you can have both egg versions, because for a limited time, they're buy one, get one half off.

Both eggs stand at 14 centimeters tall (5.5 inches) and hold small porcelain figurines inside. As the candles burn, the figures emerge dramatically from the flames, covered in black soot (don't worry—it wipes off easily when cooled). The dragon egg randomly yields a red, green, or black baby; the dinosaur egg always gives you a Velociraptor. Once you're done with the candle, you can hang onto the toy as a keepsake. Just add both the dragon and dinosaur egg candles to your basket and $19.50 will be taken off automatically.

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