Channel Your Inner Jedi With These Star Wars Battle Quads

Propel / Propel

Whether you identify with the Rebellion or lean more towards the dark side, Propel’s new Star Wars-themed drones deserve a spot on your holiday wish list. Their 74-Z Speeder Bike, T-65 X-Wing Starfighter, and Tie Advanced X1 battle quads are authentic recreations of the vehicles included in the films. What’s more, state-of-the-art sensors allow the drones to launch, land, and hover autonomously, no prior experience with the Force required.

When designing the devices, Propel included several high-tech features that set their products apart from other drones on the market. “They are high performance battle drones,” Jack Bishop, the head development and demonstration pilot for Propel, tells mental_floss. “We don't consider them as toys but as a highly intelligent consumer electronics product.”


The company filed 12 separate patents on designs and technologies during the development process. Thanks to barometric air pressure sensors, the drones can fly on their own or maintain a consistent altitude while novice pilots practice moving them in different directions. Once they’ve honed their skills, users can switch off “training mode” and experiment with flips, tricks, and high speeds reaching up to 35 MPH.

In addition to all those exciting aspects, the quads also offer battling capabilities. Get two drones together and engage in a laser fight while an app on your smartphone keeps score. And because it's a hallmark of every Star Wars battle, the fighters issue their own sound effects while duking it out.


After just a few minutes of piloting it’s easy to feel like you’ve been transported to the world of the movies. The clear plastic blades seem to vanish while rotating and the motors are hidden from view. This allows users to devote their full attention to the hand-painted details on each piece. “The reactions we have had from people of all walks of life have been incredible,” Norton says. “We feel that these drones will appeal to the true Star Wars fan, to first time drone users, and drone enthusiasts alike.”

The Star Wars Battle Quad collection is now available for $200 at select stores and online.