Get Rid of Excess Beer Foam by Swirling It with Your Greasy Finger

Kirstin Fawcett

Pouring a beer properly is an art that many of us haven’t quite mastered. Mess it up and you’ll be left with a glass full of foam. You can either shrug and drink it, wait for the froth to settle—or you can take a cue from the American Chemical Society's latest Reactions video, and use science to make your brew sippable.

The ACS recommends touching a piece of pizza, French fries, or even your nose, and then swirling your greasy finger through the bubbles. The oil breaks the bonds between beer proteins and hop compounds, causing the foam to dissipate. (Pro tip: Leave a little foam, as it lends the brew extra aroma and makes it creamy.) To learn more about the chemistry of beer bubbles, watch the clip above.

[h/t Reactions]

Banner image: iStock