Watch a Balloon Artist Recreate a Life-Sized T. Rex Skeleton


Ferocious isn’t a word that’s usually attached to balloon animals, but this is one creation we wouldn’t want to confront in a dark alley. Balloon artist Mark Verge’s life-sized T. Rex sculpture is 43 feet long from nose to tail and required more than 1400 balloons to construct.

In this video spotted by Sploid, Verge recreates the imposing piece that's previously won him first place in the "large" category at the balloon sculpting world championship. It took him hundreds of hours to build, and because balloons are a temporary medium, getting all the components together was a race against time. Verge specializes in massive sculptures, but as these pieces show, a balloon animal doesn’t always have to be big to be considered a work of art.

[h/t Sploid]

Header/banner images courtesy of iStock.