However you pronounce GIFs, the little moving images have become an integral part of our modern vocabulary. And the futuristic minds at NASA are not about to be left in the past. The space agency has launched its own image collections on Giphy and Pinterest.


Anticipating some confusion on the part of NASA diehards, the agency issued a press statement explaining what Pinterest is.

“Pinboards are often used for creative ideas for home decor and theme-party planning, inspiration for artwork and other far-out endeavors,” they wrote.

Over at Giphy, they continue, “Users can download and share the agency’s creations on their own social media accounts, and can be used to create or share animated GIFs to communicate a reaction, offer a visual explanation, or even create digital works of art.”


The images are NASA at its best: sweeping shots of the cosmos, space walks, exuberance at Mission Control, and the wacky antics of astronauts aboard the International Space Station. So go forth, good nerds, and get your GIFs on.