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Prague's Hottest New Reading Spot Is a Zeppelin on Top of an Art Gallery

Shaunacy Ferro
René Volfík
René Volfík / René Volfík

Prague’s newest spot to curl up with a good book is a nearly 138-foot-long zeppelin suspended above an art museum. As Lonely Planet reports, the city’s DOX Center for Contemporary Art built the wood-and-steel structure to serve as a reading room and space for literary talks. It was unveiled in a ceremony at the art center on December 10, and opened to the public the next day.

With a Jonathan-Swift-inspired name ("Gulliver"), the design by architect Martin Rajniš is meant to reference utopian literature and the optimism of early 20th century technology. Cantilevered between buildings, the airship is accessible by stairs that stretch from the roof of one of the gallery buildings. (Don't worry, you don't have to dangle midair between the buildings at any point.)

René Volfík

Jan Nightingale

Time to add Prague to your world tour of literary locales.

[h/t Lonely Planet]

All images courtesy DOX via Facebook