Death Star Popcorn Maker Shoots Out Snacks Instead of Lasers

Rebecca OConnell
thinkgeek / istock
thinkgeek / istock / thinkgeek / istock
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Just in time for your Star Wars movie marathon: The Death Star popcorn maker promises to make a hefty bowl of popcorn in minutes (and it will look great next to your R2-D2 French press and Darth Vader nutcracker).

To get started, simply take off the top, which doubles as a popcorn bowl. Then, scoop in the desired amount of popcorn kernels with the included tool, turn on the device, and watch as your snack comes flying out of the air chute. The Death Star popcorn maker uses hot air to cook the kernels instead of butter or oil so it promises healthier, guilt-free popcorn.

It can hold about half a cup of unpopped kernels, which makes eight cups of cooked popcorn. You can pick one up on ThinkGeek for $50 or check out its R2-D2 branded counterpart.