A Collection of Some of the Best Scenes From Planet Earth

Shaunacy Ferro

It’s been 10 years since the first episodes of Planet Earth aired on the BBC, and in celebration, the network asked some nature-focused YouTube creators to nominate their favorite moments from the mini-series. Those scenes have now been strung together in a beautiful compilation video, which was spotted by Kottke.org.

Planet Earth aired as the most expensive nature documentary ever commissioned by the BBC and its first in high definition, so it’s no surprise that the series was full of amazing imagery. From footage of lions and elephants shot entirely at night, to the hilarious-looking mating dance of the bird-of-paradise, there are plenty of memorable moments to look back on before you watch the new Planet Earth II, which comes to BBC America in January.

You will have to sit through some narration from various YouTubers, but it's helpful to hear them describe what exactly is going on in the context of the episode, and the images themselves are more than worth it.

[h/t Kottke.org]