Best Buy Will Be Selling More NES Classics

Rebecca OConnell
Nintendo / iStock
Nintendo / iStock / Nintendo / iStock
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Just when you thought the supply of NES Classics was completely wiped out, a reserve has been revealed at Best Buy. While the online stock is sold out, the electronics store has announced that they have a few more of the coveted devices in their inventory. On December 20, Best Buy will be putting out some NES Classics in stores, so it's time to find a tent and your waiting-in-line jacket.

Previously, small stocks of the gaming console have popped up on various online stores like Toys "R" Us, Walmart, and even Urban Outfitters. This time, rabid gamers are going to have to wait in a physical line if they want a shot at snagging one of the highly sought-after consoles. A Best Buy representative told Forbes that there would be "extremely limited stock," so camping outside the door might be the only option in this case.

The NES Classic comes with 30 games and a single controller. At the moment, extra controllers are completely sold out, so you'll have to game solo for now.

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