The Art of Andy Warhol Just Got Cuddly

Rebecca OConnell
Kidrobot / Kidrobot
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When viewing Andy Warhol's iconic works, like Campbell's Soup Cans or Brillo Boxes, you're probably not thinking about bringing them home to snuggle. At least not until now. These new Warhol-inspired toys might just be the perfect cuddly addition to any art lover's bed or couch.

Kidrobot has whipped up a whole collection of plush toys based on the late pop artist's work. From small Brillo boxes to giant bananas, there's something for everyone. The smaller pillows are $20 each, but the larger toys (which can be 22 to 30 inches long) are a hefty $150 each. Still, the toy versions are a lot more affordable than the real thing.

[h/t Gizmodo]