Listen to Radio Stations From Around the World With Radio Garden

Shaunacy Ferro
Radio Garden
Radio Garden / Radio Garden

Radio has the power to let listeners eavesdrop on pop culture and news in far-flung locales or even subcultures close to home (see: Wicca Radio International in New Orleans). A new site aims to connect people across the world to radio signals that span the globe, allowing people to listen to radio stations in other countries, as The Verge reports.

Radio Garden is set up as a globe visualization, with green dots representing different stations you can tune into. Spin the globe and find stations playing Russian pop, Christmas music in Chicago, Spanish news, or metal in Québec.

The app also lets you explore historic radio clips and jingles—the kind that signal what the station is about. The “Stories” tab includes a smattering of interviews and educational programming. Some are about transnational radio, and others more generally talk about international exchange, like an Arabic lesson broadcast in Montreal and a storytelling program about borders from Milan.

These clips come from the past few years, dating back to 2014. There aren’t as many stories as there are live radio stations, so if you’re looking to get a taste of Buenos Aires or Nairobi, you’re better off searching the live stations. Happy listening!

[h/t The Verge]