Rogue Ales Releases Candy Beer for 2017

Shaunacy Ferro
Rogue Ales and Spirits
Rogue Ales and Spirits / Rogue Ales and Spirits

Toss your New Year’s resolutions to eat healthy and lay off the booze out the window. Rogue Ales, the Oregon-based brewery, is releasing a candy-flavored beer.

The Hazelutely Choctabulous might be a mouthful to order, but according to the company, the mixture of two of Rogue's beers has been a fan-favorite at the brewery’s pub for a while now, so they’re making the secret menu item available to the rest of the country. It’s a dark beer with nutty notes and a chocolate truffle finish that tastes like a nutty chocolate candy bar. It's a little unusual because unlike most chocolate beers, it's not a straight stout—it's a combination of Rogue's chocolate stout and its brown ale, Hazelnut Brown Nectar. The combo ale will be available starting in January 2017.

Until then, there are plenty of chocolate-y beers to try elsewhere. Many breweries make chocolate stouts, including Rogue—which makes its double chocolate stout with Dutch bittersweet chocolate. While you can find other chocolate stouts from Harpoon and Evil Twin, some breweries try for more unique twists on the style. Starting in 2012, Dogfish Head began making Chocolate Lobster Porter, and during the fall, Coney Island makes a chocolate pumpkin ale. Sadly, those two brews are only available seasonally.