Hide Your Cold Ones in a Marshall Mini Fridge

Rebecca OConnell
Marshall Fridge
Marshall Fridge / Marshall Fridge
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Worried about sneaky friends stealing all your beer? Put your brews—along with any other food you don't want pillaged—in the last place anyone would think to look: a Marshall amp, or rather, a convincing mini-fridge that look like one. Real logos, fret cloth, and a brass-finished faceplate help sell the illusion that there is definitely nothing delicious hiding inside. Even the knobs on the front aren't just for show—they can be used to control the temperature. Musicians will love having the 32-inch pseudo-amp, which also comes with a .4 cubic foot freezer for frozen goods. Now, they can crank up the cold and enjoy some drinks while they play. (And yes, the knobs go up to 11.)

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