Every Country’s Most Popular Tourist Attraction

Jennifer M Wood

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There are two types of travelers: those who want to hit up the most popular tourist attractions of their intended destination, and those who would rather avoid the crowds and long lines that usually come with a highly trafficked hotspot. In either case, the map above—courtesy of vouchercloud and Thomson Vacations, with travel data compiled from TripAdvisor’s most popular “Things to Do”—can help.

In addition to citing the most popular tourist attraction in each country, the map is color-coded in order to easily highlight the type of attraction it is—be it a historic spot (like China’s Great Wall), a natural wonder (like Niagara Falls in Canada), a religious destination (like Russia’s Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood), or a regular old tourist spot (like New York City’s Central Park, which is America’s most popular attraction). How many of them have you visited?

[h/t: Thrillist]

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