Cheesecake M&Ms Are Happening for 2017

Jennifer M Wood
iStock / iStock

After years of either plain chocolate or peanut, M&Ms have been on a roll introducing new flavors into their candy-coated lineup. While some varietals—like peanut butter, pretzel, mint, almond, crispy, and dark chocolate—have stuck around, other flavors have been short-lived. (Sometimes for the better.)

After introductions of such limited-time flavors as pumpkin spice latte, white butterscotch, and pecan pie, the iconic candy brand clearly has no plans of stopping there. Junk food blog The Impulsive Buy recently shared its latest find: White Cheesecake M&Ms, made especially for Valentine’s Day, and spotted by one of their readers at Walmart. No word yet on how close it comes in taste to the real thing, but we’ll be looking forward to giving them a try.

[h/t: The Impulsive Buy]