Watch Disney Animation's Evolution, 1937-2016

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In just over two and a half minutes, editor Bora Barroso shows us Disney feature film animation, starting with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) and ending with Zootopia (2016). It's fun to watch the stylistic changes. To me, there are three major changes after the original cel animation starts mixing with computers:

1. THE NINETIES. As soon as we hit 1990, there is a clear influence of computer graphics (in Beauty and the Beast there is CGI imagery in backgrounds), but the primary animation is still hand-drawn.

2. THE YEAR 2000. Suddenly we're in full computer graphics mode, but it looks oddly dated. The cel-style animation in this period looks great, but almost too clean.

3. THE YEAR 2010. Oh wow, the computer animation looks great now!

I presume that in another few years, the animation of the 2010s will look dated as well, but for now...let's just enjoy some art.

THE EVOLUTION OF DISNEY ANIMATION (1937-2016) from Bora Barroso on Vimeo.