The Best Way to Protect Your AirPods? Disguise Them as Dental Floss

Jennifer M Wood
RyanFlosss/Etsy / RyanFlosss/Etsy

When it comes to thievery, dental floss isn’t a high-priority item. AirPods, on the other hand, are—and the only way to replace a lost or stolen pair is to fork over $160 for a replacement. Which is why one crafty designer came up with a perfect, and inexpensive, solution to help prevent your AirPods from being pinched: turn them into a container of dental floss.

Over at Etsy, RyanFlosss is selling a translucent sticker that will immediately disguise your AirPod charging case as what looks like an innocuous pack of dental floss. The sticker costs $4.99 and takes just seconds to attach. No flossing required. As for keeping the slippery little pods in your ear? Well, that’s another issue—though this wire should help.

[h/t: Gizmodo]