Show Off Your Happy Cat Family With These Adorable Car Stickers

Rebecca OConnell
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We've all seen the vinyl stickers that adorn the back windshields of minivans, cheerfully representing the happy family therein. The graphics don't just reflect your family—they can also illustrate your passions, like with this Star Wars set. Now, that even extends to all you feline fanatics. If you're someone with a family full of cats, these "crazy cat lady" stickers are the perfect decals for you.

This quirky sticker set from GAMAGO comes with 19 stickers to put on your cat-mobile. There are 16 cats (along with two toys and a woman looking lovingly at her pets), so even the most ambitious cat owners can properly show off their whole furry family. The decals are meant to stick on the outside of the car and are weather resistant.

[h/t The Daily Dot]