The Most Popular Netflix Show in Each State


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Whether viewers prefer gritty crime documentaries or upbeat sitcoms, there’s something for everyone on Netflix. To see which TV shows subscribers are binge-watching in your part of the country, check out the map above, courtesy of, which broke down the streaming service’s most popular programs by state by looking at the site’s top 75 shows in 2016. Because Netflix doesn’t publish data on ratings, the list was cross-referenced with information from Google Trends to arrive at the results.

Some takeaways, like Oregon’s love of Portlandia and Indiana’s attachment to Parks and Recreation, aren’t too surprising. There are also several repeats: Scandal is highly watched throughout the South and Midwest while Orange Is the New Black is popular from New Mexico to Alaska.

If you’ve yet to hop on the streaming bandwagon, you can see a map of the most beloved shows across platforms here.

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