Pocket-Ready Duct Tape for On-the-Go Fixes

Shaunacy Ferro
RediTape via Facebook
RediTape via Facebook / RediTape via Facebook

Duct tape (or “duck tape,” if you really prefer) is useful in almost any situation, from hitting the dance floor at prom to making a wallet to securing your broken car mirror … or lifting a car, as MythBusters once discovered. The powerful tape, however, isn’t easy to carry around, so should that side view mirror break off when you aren’t close to home, you’ll be heading to the nearest hardware store. But you might consider ditching your roll for a pocket pack, as Laughing Squid suggests.

To make duct tape easier to carry, RediTape makes portable packs of duct tape that can fit in a pocket. They’re folded instead of rolled, so they’ll fit in a tool box, too. They come in a variety of colors (including fluorescent ones in case you’re using it to stay visible at night). At just 5 yards, the tape inside isn’t that long, but most duct tape uses don’t require a whole 10-plus-yard roll anyway.

They cost around $3 each.

[h/t Laughing Squid]