Having a Shower Beer? There's Now a Specific Brew For That

Rebecca OConnell
Pangpang Brewery
Pangpang Brewery / Pangpang Brewery

You don't need a special occasion to enjoy a refreshing shower beer, but you just might need these specially designed bottles to make the whole event a little more environmentally friendly. The efficient brew is designed to be enjoyed quickly, with a small dose packing a big punch.

Shower Beer is the invention of the Stockholm-based creative firm Snask and nearby PangPang Brewery. Together, they've crafted a beer that's smaller in size and stronger in alcohol content so it can do the trick, no matter how short the shower. After all, a steamy room full of hot water isn't exactly a hospitable place for cold drinks. These adorable bottles are only six ounces, with a formidable 10 percent ABV.

As InsideHook points out, the glass bottle could be considered a bit of a design flaw, as they could get slippery without traction or grip. Luckily, there's already a fix for that: a shower cup holder. Regardless, the sweet pale ale sold out immediately, so you might have to settle for regular shower beers for now.

[h/t Geekologie]