Yes, These Super Nintendo Sneakers Are Real

Freaker Sneaks/Facebook
Freaker Sneaks/Facebook / Freaker Sneaks/Facebook

Nintendo is having a major moment, which sort of feels like déjà vu. After debuting what was perhaps the hardest gift to find this holiday season with its pint-sized NES Classic console in November, the custom kicks-makers at Freaker Sneaks are now paying tribute to the gaming giant with a pair of Super Nintendo-styled Air Jordan IVs.

It’s hardly the first time video games have inspired a footwear company; last spring, Vans and Nintendo collaborated on a retro sneaker line. And in December, Kotaku reports, a design student crafted a pair of Legend of Zelda Adidas, though that was just a mock-up. Freaker Sneaks’s creation, on the other hand, will go on sale to the general public later this year—albeit in a very limited quantity (which means you’re as likely to get your hands on them as you were to find an NES Classic at Target in December).

While other Nintendo-branded sneakers have been all about the graphics, Freaker Sneaks’s Jordans are actually pretty subtle, and very wearable. Modeled after a game controller, the only indication that they’re Nintendo-themed at all is the logo on the tongue and the pressable buttons on the back of the shoes. Unfortunately, there’s no cheat code that will guarantee you’ll get a pair, but keep checking Freaker Sneaks’s website and Facebook page.

[h/t: Kotaku]