The Ironing Board Is Getting a Redesign

Courtesy of Flippr
Courtesy of Flippr / Courtesy of Flippr

The modern incarnation of the ironing board is a century-old design. The folding design sold ubiquitously today was invented in 1914, though the original model came with a wood table. A new company, however, is trying to finally improve on our current equipment for ridding clothes of wrinkles.

Flippr, launching on Indiegogo, has two sides and rotates. You can put your shirt or dress on it like you're outfitting a super-thin mannequin, and then all you have to do to iron both sides of the clothing is flip the board.

The edge of the board slides out from the body and fits nicely inside shirt sleeves, so you don’t need to take the shirt off the board to iron out those wrinkles. A clip on one side of the board holds pant legs to keep them from sliding off. And a metal rack attached to the board holds your hot iron when you’re finished.

Ironing isn't usually the most physically tasking item on people’s household chore list, but the current system isn’t exactly convenient. Flippr doesn’t come cheap at $124, but it does show a vast improvement from the board sitting in your closet. If you’re steaming up your dress shirts all the time, it might be worth it. And if it’s too pricey for you now, perhaps it will at least inspire other manufacturers to take a second look at their own ironing board designs.

All images courtesy Flippr