Let Hedwig Keep You Warm With This Harry Potter-Inspired Scarf

Rebecca OConnell
thinkgeek / istock
thinkgeek / istock / thinkgeek / istock
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With cold weather comes a whole new wardrobe of seasonal accessories, and with the right design elements, these extra layers can be both functional—and transformative. This special shawl from ThinkGeek lets anyone sport luxurious owl wings and stay warm at the same time. The extra-long polyester scarf has a night sky pattern with Harry Potter's beloved pet owl, Hedwig, carrying an acceptance letter from Hogwarts. 

Technically, the lightweight shawl can be worn all year-round—either wrapped around the neck like a traditional scarf or draped over the shoulders to create the winged illusion. For more interesting scarf ideas this winter, you can check out our full list.