Monopoly Is Asking Fans to Pick the New Game Tokens

Rebecca OConnell
Hasbro / Getty Images
Hasbro / Getty Images / Hasbro / Getty Images

Unless you're playing with a themed or off-brand board (hello, Cat-opoly), then you probably know what tokens are coming with your Monopoly game. The current line-up—the battleship, top hat, thimble, wheelbarrow, cat, Scottie dog, car, and shoe—isn't much different than the original group that debuted in 1935. Now, Monopoly is throwing tradition to the wind and asking its fans what kind of playing pieces they'd like to see.

Monopoly and Buzzfeed teamed up to start a new event called Monopoly Token Madness. From today until January 31, fans can head to and pick their favorite tokens out of a list of 64 options, including a gramophone, a T.rex, a penguin, and a flip flop. The winning pieces will become the new standard and possibly knock out existing favorites like the Scottie dog.

You can click here to vote for your favorites.