An Animated Series Produced by Studio Ghibli Is Coming to Amazon

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If Hayao Miyazaki ever decides to retire for good, his son will be around to carry on his legacy. As io9 reports, Gorō Miyazaki’s animated show Ronja, the Robber’s Daughter will soon be available to stream in the U.S.

Co-produced by Studio Ghibli with Hayao’s son in the director’s chair, the critically acclaimed series was adapted from a novel by Astrid Lindgren, who created Pippi Longstocking. It follows Ronja, the daughter of a notorious robber, as she befriends a boy from a rival tribe. After premiering on Japanese television in 2014, the show is now set to make its American debut through Amazon Prime Video on January 27.

Gorō Miyazaki has previously directed two Studio Ghibli projects: Tales from Earthsea in 2006 and From Up on Poppy Hill in 2011. Viewers may recognize the voice of someone else who has collaborated with the studio in the past: Gillian Anderson, who voiced the wolf goddess Moro in the American dub of Princess Mononoke (1997), will be using her vocal talents as the show’s narrator.

Amazon Prime members will have access to all 26 episodes of Ronja, the Robber’s Daughter when the show is released later this month. If that feels like a while to wait, the trailer below should tide you over until then.

[h/t io9]